Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's ALIVE!!!!/Apollos Lyre Column

28 June 05

Yes, indeed. Like a bad penny here I am. If you bop over to Apollos Lyre http://www.apolloslyre.com in the next day or so you can read my June COLD HARD FACTS column, my second for that quite fine ezine. The subtitle for this column is: "Why Write?"

Mmm. Why indeed? It's been a tough few weeks, one of the tougher spots being I couldn't make it out of the gate in time to contrib to Dave White's blogstory cycle. Those stories are top of the morning, Ma. Check them out!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me wondering what the --?? Appreciate it and while I NEVER keep my sunny side up, up... I'm not letting the bastards get me down either. Later!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Computer Problems and That's Life

Hi Gang.
I have tried posting but again, computer problems. I hope I can get this one to take. I've not forgotten any of you but -- I go so long and this baby shuts down in the middle of replying to emails, blogging, writing...

Saw Sarah Vowell on the tube -- God, she is a deadpan hoot, in't she? Plugging "Assassination Vacation" at the Festival of Books and being great during Q&A. Droll is a word possibly coined for her. The sting of missing Harlan Coben at a nearby book signing was slightly assuaged by watching Sarah and a panel at the L.A. Book Festival including Hugh Hewitt ("Blog") having a go at Arianna Huffington and others. One guy in the audience said "HIS" generation was more concerned about Britney Spears' baby's name than what was going on in the world. I noticed members of "HIS" generation were pretty disgusted with this remark of his, which cast them -- I guess -- in a bad light which was already shaky to begin with.

Slogging thru "TRANSGRESSIONS". It's worth it, altho I found myself surprised with a couple so far. And HEY, where is Bob Tinsley??? He's not posted for two days now...

Friday, April 29, 2005

Time Management/Harlan Coben

29 April

Mmmm. I have two short stories to write, I have till summer's end to finish up my novel plus I have a chapter in another book to write, AND the anthology is about to wrap up. Excitement? Sure. Fear and terror in Las Vegas -- Most Certainly!
Lot on the plate plus earnings season at the day job is causing spillovers onto the floor.

Harlan Coben will be in my town for a book signing at one of the Chapter 11 bookstores; and all that good stuff in two weeks. So you know I will be there --

Well, gotta go. I'm out of time.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Transgressions--Apollo's Lyre--Gay Shorts

25 April

Okay, okay, it's good to see you too. I have been gone from the blog far too long but have decent news to report. My essay, "COLD HARD FACTS" is up on the April issue of the very fine ezine for writers, Apollos Lyre. This ezine just won a slot in Writers Digest Best 101 Websites for Writers. And it's well deserved whether my stuff is in it or not. Of course, it's nice when it is.

What I am really excited about is my copy of TRANSGRESSIONS is on its way. I should have it by Wednesday and then, day job notwithstanding, will give regular progress reports. Also have the full Moe Praeger series now and am totally enjoying!

Also a little gay male erotica never hurt anybody I know. I have a friend who has sworn the short stories collections by the late John Preston were some of the best ever written. So what the hell? I checked out "I Once Had A Master" and was astonished over the craftsmanship of most of the stories. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. "Mr. Benson" is a short novel by Preston and is, TA DA!, an erotically charged mystery, of all things, set in the leather community in the '80s. Preston has a piece at the end of "I Once Had..." about the closed mindedness of folks with his choice of writings, even among the leather community. "When are you going to write some REAL stories?"

Yeah, I think we all get that, no matter what our personal agenda is.

So, I am evidently writing a regular column now over at "Apollo's Lyre". Check them out, if you haven't already.

Have a good one.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Short and Sweet Down

Okay, someone's screwing around w/ my blog, I bet. I bet it's the government. I bet it's James Patterson, miffed over the fact that I didn't much give a stellar review of "Honeymoon". Mmm, could be worse.

Okay. I am enjoying the Mo Hayder books a LOT. Have two short stories to submit, and I cannot pull myself away from Hayder long enough to even look busy, let alone be...
One is due April 1, the other April 15.

Check back later for http://candacewiggins.blogspot.com/ for Short and Sweet. Dammit -- just when I was getting a head of steam worked up, too.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

James Patterson's Honeymoon

29 March '05

"Honeymoon", James Patterson & Howard Roughan. Copyright 2005. 390 pages.

I like James Patterson's Alex Cross series. Let me say this up front. I like the characters, the situations and Patterson's handling of it all a lot. I read them in a few hours' time. I think Morgan Freeman has done a swell job of bringing Alex Cross to life -- but I've not seen any movie Freeman is in that hasn't benefitted from his presence.

So. With that out of the way, let's begin. "Honeymoon" is written w/ a coauthor, Howard Roughan, and between the two, they managed to hook me in what was going on around page 101 thanks to a very crooked twist in the plot.

In a nutshell, "Honeymoon" is a story of a Black Widow and the P.I. determined to catch her. Of course, he does the 'unthinkable'. He becomes obsessed with catching her -- and then, with the woman herself. And of course, why wouldn't he? Nora -- like most of Patterson's female characters is GORGEOUS. She is BRIGHT. She has IMPECCABLE MANNERS and DRESSES WELL. And get this, she is a FABULOUSLY SUCCESSFUL INTERIOR DESIGNER.

Well, shit, guys. No wonder she turns to crime. Her life is too fucking perfect, her habit of murdering fiances and husbands notwithstanding.

And the story is neither fish nor fowl. Told from first person as well as third, "HONEYMOON" is not a murder mystery. We know who is doing what and so does everyone but her victims. It's not a procedural, so to speak. It's not an intense knucklebiting rollercoaster of a read. It's not drama, nor is it -- despite the witticisms of a couple of characters -- a comedy.

I usually read the Alex Cross novels in a couple of days, or if I have time, at one sitting. A couple or so hours. I do this with most novels. So consider this. I became interested as I mentioned at page 101 and decided to stick it out. Page 283, I put the book down for a couple of days. Then I picked it back up. Then I finished it and on page -- the last one -- 390, I put the book down, feeling like I'd been had.

Mmmm. I think Patterson should keep his own counsel. It would've been interesting to see where he alone would have taken this -- then again, Howard Roughan may have been Honeymoon's saving grace. We'll never know.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dead Car, Wild Ride

19 March

Nothing like the transmission going on a car you totally depend on. So instead of the 1100-1300 to fix it, I am hanging on to that, riding to work et al w/ the Greek Freak, adding all my silver to the already tidy sum and going for a new car. By new, you do realize I do not mean a 2005 model but a reliable dependable used car, not more than 3 years old? Great. I knew you were smart.

However, the Puma gave me quite a wild ride today out at Claud's. I thought trees were our friends until I drove the bike right into a stand of them. Yeowch. Of course, they probably did not appreciate a motorized vehicle disturbing them. The choice was a toss up. Avoid the fresh deer shit. Avoid the tree. Oops. Maybe the wrong decision. Hey, wait -- what's up with this steering? What's up with the brakes? Nice hard eggplant bruises. Ah. The war wounds of the neophyte biker babe ...

Just ordered a couple of short story anthologies. One is a pre-order, Transgressions, ed. Ed McBain. I mentioned it on "Short and Sweet" (http://www.candacewiggins.blogspot.com/)
a couple of months ago as soon as I'd read about it.

Looks like I will be going to Writers Week in early June. More on that later.