Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dead Car, Wild Ride

19 March

Nothing like the transmission going on a car you totally depend on. So instead of the 1100-1300 to fix it, I am hanging on to that, riding to work et al w/ the Greek Freak, adding all my silver to the already tidy sum and going for a new car. By new, you do realize I do not mean a 2005 model but a reliable dependable used car, not more than 3 years old? Great. I knew you were smart.

However, the Puma gave me quite a wild ride today out at Claud's. I thought trees were our friends until I drove the bike right into a stand of them. Yeowch. Of course, they probably did not appreciate a motorized vehicle disturbing them. The choice was a toss up. Avoid the fresh deer shit. Avoid the tree. Oops. Maybe the wrong decision. Hey, wait -- what's up with this steering? What's up with the brakes? Nice hard eggplant bruises. Ah. The war wounds of the neophyte biker babe ...

Just ordered a couple of short story anthologies. One is a pre-order, Transgressions, ed. Ed McBain. I mentioned it on "Short and Sweet" (
a couple of months ago as soon as I'd read about it.

Looks like I will be going to Writers Week in early June. More on that later.


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