Monday, March 14, 2005


14 March '05

Well, no go w/ a short for the Thrilling Detectives site. Gerald So gave great feedback and great encouragement and said, he does indeed like my writing in general and to try again with a 'traditional P.I.'. Ah and then I felt better. I go on some of the blogs, like Aldo's (Mystery Dawg) for the whatsgoingons and to Gerald's and Sarah Weinman's for the same only from different perspectives.

Writers groups aside, I feel sometimes totally isolated. Sometimes because of the writers groups, I feel isolated. No one seems to understand, on occasion, that each writer has totally different styles of writing. A couple of folks absolutely have no patience and seem to totally jump on top of each other over things before they even get through the story for that go-round. Unfolding work? god help us in this day and age of sound bites. One of the "Ladies Who Lunch" however has already dropped out of the class when she realized she didn't understand a lot of the vocabulary others were using. Rather than use it as a springboard for improvements or broadening her own horizons, she tucked tail and ran. "You are all just too smart for me."

I didn't know whether to laugh at this absurdity or encourage her by saying, "You are just too stupid for me."

So I just sat there and read the latest offerings by our poet. Why have a poet in a writers group? Not that they aren't writers, too. It's just a writers group. Mystery and suspense. And here are these truly fine poems about life and death, et al and we understand this woman is a notch above most, but also think she should be with other poets to get The Right Stuff for her own self.

Then, again. Maybe she's not getting The Right Stuff -- maybe she's getting all rejections and no responses from the others.


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