Saturday, May 07, 2005

Computer Problems and That's Life

Hi Gang.
I have tried posting but again, computer problems. I hope I can get this one to take. I've not forgotten any of you but -- I go so long and this baby shuts down in the middle of replying to emails, blogging, writing...

Saw Sarah Vowell on the tube -- God, she is a deadpan hoot, in't she? Plugging "Assassination Vacation" at the Festival of Books and being great during Q&A. Droll is a word possibly coined for her. The sting of missing Harlan Coben at a nearby book signing was slightly assuaged by watching Sarah and a panel at the L.A. Book Festival including Hugh Hewitt ("Blog") having a go at Arianna Huffington and others. One guy in the audience said "HIS" generation was more concerned about Britney Spears' baby's name than what was going on in the world. I noticed members of "HIS" generation were pretty disgusted with this remark of his, which cast them -- I guess -- in a bad light which was already shaky to begin with.

Slogging thru "TRANSGRESSIONS". It's worth it, altho I found myself surprised with a couple so far. And HEY, where is Bob Tinsley??? He's not posted for two days now...


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