Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's ALIVE!!!!/Apollos Lyre Column

28 June 05

Yes, indeed. Like a bad penny here I am. If you bop over to Apollos Lyre http://www.apolloslyre.com in the next day or so you can read my June COLD HARD FACTS column, my second for that quite fine ezine. The subtitle for this column is: "Why Write?"

Mmm. Why indeed? It's been a tough few weeks, one of the tougher spots being I couldn't make it out of the gate in time to contrib to Dave White's blogstory cycle. Those stories are top of the morning, Ma. Check them out!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me wondering what the --?? Appreciate it and while I NEVER keep my sunny side up, up... I'm not letting the bastards get me down either. Later!